Accidents happen all the time, #WECANFIXIT but we’re taking things a step further by allowing your purchase a FIXMYPC Protection plan today where we’ll cover the cost of all repairs your device incurs during the year to the value you insure the device for.

The FIXMYPC Protection Plan is a convenient affordable insurance plan that provides cover against Accidental Damages from Handling such as screen and liquid damages which form about 80% of the issues that arise with mobile phones, tablets & personal computers.

The FIXMYC Protection plan:

  • Covers drops and spills.
  • 24/7 zero-hassle claims
  • Available for any working phone, tablet or laptop regardless of age or purchase date (identification & IMEI / Serial number required).

Definition of Damage covered by the Protection Plan.

Damage in the context of this protection plan and agreement refers to accidental and physical damage to the protected electronic device as specified in the documentation.

Damage in this context excludes:

  • Damage resulting from wear and tear, deterioration, moth, insect, vermin, or any gradually operating cause;
  • Loss or damage directly or indirectly occasioned by or happening through or in consequence of War, Invasion, Act of Foreign Enemy, Hostilities (whether war be declared or not), Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection or military or Usurped Power;
  • Loss or damage due to theft or attempted theft in which any member of the Insured’s family is involved as principal or accessory;
  • Loss or damage whilst the insured articles are left in an unoccupied building for a longer period than seven (7) days unless suitable arrangements are made for the safety of the said articles and the consent of the company is obtained to such arrangements;
  • Loss of electronic data, valuable records and/or information on the insured electronic gadget; – Further damage caused by negligent handling of the affected gadget by a repair Engineer;
  • Non physical damage, virus attack, routine maintenance, weak battery or software related damage; – Manufacturers’ defect

Definition of Repair.
Repair refers to the process of:

  • fixing or reinstating an accidental damage to the insured mobile phone/gadget by a FIXMYPC Engineer;
  • Repairs include replacement of damaged parts
  • Repair in the context of this policy and agreement does not refer to routine services and maintenance of wear or tear related repairs to phone/gadget.

Mandatory Device Assessment
An assessment also referred to as inspection or review shall be carried out on each and every insured item.

Terms & Condtions Apply