Welcome to he Trade Section.

Kindly find more details below for a smooth & seamless sale of your device.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR TRADE [Laptops, Tablets & Smartphones ]

1. All devices brought in must have a receipt/proof of purchase.
2. Any individual bringing in a device must have a mode of identification i.e. Driver’s License, International Passport, National ID card, Voters Card.
3. There should be minimal physical damage on the device
4. Any device brought in must be in good working condition; Battery, Charger, HDD etc, device should at least turn on.
5. Devices and accessories once traded cannot be returned once received.
6. Client should make a backup of device before arriving for a trade.
7. device for trade will be evaluated on conditions, model, and market value.
8. Trade(s) are available during normal business hours.

Thank you.